About the Artist

emilygaltonprofileEmily Galton says that in her work as an artist, she has been drawn equally to the Arts and the Sciences. In fact she has always been fascinated by connections between the two. She has managed to entwine these two fascinating subjects in her recent artwork to show her passionate response. Emily reflects on how water is source of all life and wants to capture its essence in a 2D form.

“My aim was to create images that would be ambiguous, a mysterious subject to intrigue the audience.”

Emily likes incorporating different elements into her work using arrays of colours and ambiguous textured surfaces. She has created images of water in an abstracted form. Above all, she likes to experiment with a range of colours to produce exciting and eye-catching work.

Her recent work has taken digital photographs, which are then distorted, manipulated and cropped to produce abstracted forms. Using screenprinting techniques, she overprints the images to add colour and offset the layers to give a sense of depth, formlessness and evanescence, in order to introduce the sense of being in and looking at nature.